Northern Europe

Northern Europe Sustainability Field School 2015


A Vision of the Future

May 12th, 2015: An inspirational meeting at the Capital Regional District (CRD) head office with City Councillor and CRD Board member Ben Isitt, City of Victoria senior planner Kristina Bouris, and CRD planners Nikki Elliott and Katie Pearson, on creating “walkable, talkable” cities in Greater Victoria.

Community Mapping with Ken Josephson - Victoria BC

Thursday May 14th, 2015 

This afternoon was spent with UVic staff member and fellow traveller Ken Josephson, who taught us the importance of community involvement in map making and the benefits it offers. He shared with us some of the important work of Green Maps, an eco-minded mapping organization that works with communities to share environmentally sound activities, food, culture and shops across the globe. Ken is an active member of this organization. 

The Start of Something Big

We are a group of 32 sustainably minded students, faculty and family from UVic's geography department spending 30 days travelling through countries of Northern Europe. Our journey will bring us to Iceland; Stockholm, Malmö & Lund in Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin and Hamburg in Germany and finally Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

A Quick History of Europe

Europe, a continent of rich and diverse history that will soon be home to 32 more Canadians - at least for the next 4 weeks. During the Victoria portion of our field school, we were fortunate enough to have two UVic professors come in and teach us about Europe; Dr. Valerie D'Erman and Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly. 

But first, Cam (Dr. Owens) gave us a lecture on our destinations and showed us an abundance of maps, which naturally made the group excited since it is a geography field school after all. These maps included, but are not limited to, topics such as:


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