Cascadia 2012

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2012 Visit to T'Souke Solar Community

Our field school blog continues... The day began with a long bus ride out to Sooke in the wonderful sunshine. Without too much harm done by the bendy road, we made our way to the T’sou-ke First Nations reserve. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Andrew Moore who brought us into the main building.

2012 Cascadia Sustainability Field School Victoria Entry:

Tues, May 8th, 2012: Walk Up Mt Tolmie with Brenda Beckwith: It was the second official day of Cascadia Field School 2012 and in the calm, warm weather we eagerly started off on our very first field trip! We were happily guided by the charismatic and knowledgeable Brenda Beckwith from the Environmental Studies Department at Uvic who walked us up Mt. Tolmie (or more accurately Hill Tolmie) to share with us the cultural and historical context of the regional ecosystem.


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