Northern Europe 2015

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Making the Old New Again: Amsterdam-Noord

Throughout our field school, we have come across several examples of old industrial infrastructure and sites, typically along waterfronts, being used for new purposes.  A quick jaunt across the IJ River in Amsterdam brought us to Amsterdam-Noord (north), where we were shown some of the best examples of industrial infrastructure being repurposed for creative and alternative uses.

Top-Down or Bottom-Up in Copenhagen?

During our remaining days in Copenhagen we met with the head of the climate unit for the city Lykke Leonardson. She spoke with us about the impacts of climate change on Copenhagen, and how the city is adapting to these challenges. Copenhagen is experiencing a large increase in the frequency and severity of storms, and is threatened by sea level rise and storm water flooding. In the summer of 2011 the city suffered severe flooding, resulting in approximately $1 billion of damage.


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