Community Mapping with Ken Josephson - Victoria BC

Thursday May 14th, 2015 

This afternoon was spent with UVic staff member and fellow traveller Ken Josephson, who taught us the importance of community involvement in map making and the benefits it offers. He shared with us some of the important work of Green Maps, an eco-minded mapping organization that works with communities to share environmentally sound activities, food, culture and shops across the globe. Ken is an active member of this organization. 

Ken also lead the class in a overview of blog posting, and how to effectively communicate to an audience. The class opened with an important reflection exercise where we were asked to identify someone important in our lives who would be joining us in spirit. This not only allowed us to get closer as a group, but gave us valuable insight into who we would be writing the blog posts for, and provided an audience for us to focus on as we travel through Europe sharing our experiences. 


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