Cascadia Sustainability Experience Videos

Most of these videos were produced by geography students. They capture inspiring moments on one of the past Cascadia Sustainability Field Schools, run each summer through the University of Victoria in Canada. You can filter by field school year.

What is Sacred Commerce?

During a wonderful, vegan, Mexican lunch at Gracias Madre in the Mission, San Francisco, proprietors Matt and Terces Englehart outlined a deep, robust vision of business and community sustainability. 


Learning Permaculture at Hood River

Student produced video detailing our visit to the revolutionary Hood River Middle School in Oregon. Come join our tour with Michael Becker and his middle school students as they showcase their innovative approach to teaching and learning focused on experiential, active, permacultural education. 


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Are we ready for the Big One?

In May, 2012 we met with Pat Corcoran, hazards specialist from Oregon State University.  Pat shared his expertise on the daunting prospect of a Cascadia mega-thrust earthquake and tsunami in the region and what was being done to prepare for such an event. No one had a very restful sleep that night in our hostel in Seaside, OR. Thanks Pat. 

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Creative Recycling for Sustainable Communities

The ReBuilding Center in Portland, Oregon, is celebrated throughout Cascadia and beyond. Created by Shane Endicott and friends through Our United Villages, this project repurposes building materials, but as you will see, does so much more to build sustainable community. 

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Behind the scenes of the Story of Stuff

This video produced by UVic geography student Arden Mathieson explores consumerism and communication with Allison Cook of the Story of Stuff. Learn what's behind this highly influential project that tackles major sustainability concerns through short animated videos. 

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Everyone has a Right 2 Dream

As part of the Cascadia Sustainability Experience Video Series, "Everyone has a right 2 dream" features our 2012 field school's visit to the Right 2 Dream 2 camp in Portland, OR. Ahmed graciously shows us around the site and leaves us with troubling questions about social justice in America's most sustainable city.

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