Coastal Cruising

As the rain begins to lessen, a wedge of sun is setting over the horizon and bringing our final day in Seattle to an end. This morning, we sat together in a park (accompanied by mugs of tea and ziplock bags of peanut butter) for our second sharing circle. The chaotic nature of our trip encourages constant motion for both our mind and bodies, so this time to reflect and share our thoughts is inestimately valuable. Those two hours we spent on the grass this morning felt like 30 minutes, affirming that cruising down this inspiring coast in search of a deeper delight has all twenty of our minds in overdrive. We are each reflecting on different aspects of sustainability... Ideas around self governance, cultural performance, playful action, and communication are but a few of the focuses we are taking. Listening to my peers exude passion and curiosity about where and what we have explored slaps a giant smile across my face. These four weeks are more than just traveling down the Pacific Northwest to see cool sustainability initiatives. This is an incredibly privileged opportunity to meet people who are actively rebuilding communities, to blow our minds on concepts larger than life, to be humbled by the great nature of our home region, and to find hope in the most unexpected of places. 

Thank you for following along on our adventure. You are as much a part of it as we are.




Seattle, WA
United States


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