#biketoria course (2016)

GEOG 491 #biketoria was a course offered through the University of Victoria by Geography Faculty and City of Victoria planning staff. Students had the opportunity to work and learn off campus, to meet professionals and complete real-world projects supporting the City's ambitious plan to become Canada's best cycling city. The first course was developed by Geography profs Cam Owens and Trisalyn Nelson, and subsequent versions (under the new title Urban Mobilities) have been delivered by Victoria sustainability consultant Ray Straatsma. All runnings of the course hae sought to make a contribution to the design of the city's new protected bike lane network, to make safe, accessible transportation opportunities for all ages and abilities, connecting each neighbourhood in Victoria. 

Check out this short video made by UVic students Emily Stevens, Manue Asport and Spencer Floyd capturing what the original #biketoria course was all about... 


Navigate around this interactive map to learn about the proposed corridor updates. Click on the cyclist icon to see a video of that stretch of road with audio commentary. Click on the red marker to see the proposed updates. 

Check out student Sara Lax's overview of the course. 

Check out a review of the innovative teaching approach featured in the #biketoria course. 

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