Industry Meets Artistry

What was once was an area heavily used for industry has been transformed into a vibrant local gem. Minutes the hustle and bustle of the city of Vancouver, Granville Island is a popular destination for both local residents and tourists. Our task was to find out how the area has become what it is today, as well as discover why the conscious decision was made to allow automobiles access to the island.

Remains of its historical use is evident throughout the entire development. Old railway tracks, cobblestone streets, and faded company names on buildings provide an industrial feel. During the development of Granville Island, there was tension over the concept of using cars within the area, to keep with the aesthetics of the industrial feel. It was decided that cars would be allowed. We found that despite the vehicles, pedestrians had precedence. The allowance of vehicles keeps that busy, gritty, and loud feeling that you would have once expected it to have back in its industry years.

While touring Granville Island, many of us got the chance to visit the public market and check out the local food and entertainment while soaking up the sunshine.

~ K.S & L.T


Vancouver, BC


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