Sustainable Mating

In Vancouver BC driving just doesn't make sense anymore. The city is almost entirely walkable and when you can't walk the public transportation system is efficient, cheap, and well organized. 

Our group met with Paul Kruger a city planner in Vancouver with a strong passion for improving transportation and health in his beloved city. He said he has actually met and fell in love  on the bus. After talking with Paul and spending a few days in Vancouver walking and busing around I realized there is so much more to alternative transportation then just "sustainability" by saving our world one fossil fuel sucking vehicle at a time. I realized that public transportation and walking helps you connect with people and provides an opportunity for you to start building your own community. In a world dependent on technology and cars it's easy to lose that community connection.

In conclusion driving a car in Vancouver actually reduces your opportunity to find a mate and it is also expensive and stressful. If I lived in Vancouver I would walk and use public transportation not because I value sustainability, instead it would be to build community, relieve stress, save money, and most importantly find a mate. 


Vancouver, BC


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